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Our Story

Australia’s leading jelly footwear brand is a true labour of love. Commencing in 2001 by young partners, Ben and Natalie, the business has evolved alongside their relationship. Now married with two beautiful children, with holster often referred to as their third child, they are passionate about growing the brand’s global reach, focusing on innovation, construction and design.

Ben, whose great-great-great-grandfather is the renowned David Jones, works closely with holster manufacturers on the technical aspects of new holster styles. Natalie, born and bred in Noosa and authentically a beach girl at heart, is the design genius behind the innovative styles, colours and patterns seen in each collection. As parents, they are acutely aware of the environmental impact on future generations and, as such, take steps to reduce holster’s ecological footprint. This extends to using vegan-friendly components in all holster footwear, non-toxic PVC, recycled materials in packaging and absolutely no production waste.

holster is currently stocked in over 65 countries and 2500 of the most prestigious stores and fashion-forward boutiques globally. Appreciating what a lucky position they are in has led to holster sharing their good fortune with others. From one of Australia’s most treasured icons, the koala, to indigenous communities of Australia; from young children in Africa to multiple charities around the world, holster continue to assist with donations of shoes and profit percentages annually.

Based at beautiful Noosa Beach, holster embodies the idyllic lifestyle – holidays by the water, long hot summers and cool seaside sundowners. Join the holster trend and “make every day a holiday with holster”.